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Health Service

Therapeutic effects and natural human warmth, which provides the thermo-fiber FiberThermics®, practicably destine this unique technology for needs of health service.

  • In the surgery – the heated operating tables
  • In the ambulances – the heated check-over and gynaecological tables
  • Intensive Care Units – the beds for post-operation stages
  • Blood transfusion – the warming-up of blood-bulbs during long-lasting surgery
  • Rescue service
    • Warmth-keeping the patients with shock cases
    • Transports of patients
  • Wheelchairs
  • Local heating of individual parts of human body
  • beds, blankets, sheets and coats for
    • rehabilitation and cosmetic facilities
    • medical institutions for long-term patients
    • spas and balneal care
    • Hospic – geriatric care

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