Termo-fiber - FiberThermics®

An intelligent thread was created in 1996 in the Laboratories of the Thermosoft International Corporation.
The ten-year’ experiences confirmed the unique properties of the thermo-fiber and its indisputable benefits when compared with standard metallic and carbon heating cables.


  • The mechanic ruggedness of the thermo-fiber FiberThermics® represents up to 180,000 cycles – in comparison with 10,000 cycles of standard metallic cable.
  • A special technology for the bonding of the thermo-fiber FiberThermics® using the standard cupper cable completely liquidates the overheating of the bonded spot and the following undesirable electro-chemical reactions, which the applications with standard metallic and carbon heating cables cannot achieve.
  • The thermo-fiber FiberThermics® properties warrant that the ignition cannot occur in any case due to short-circuit in the mains; on the contrary – assuming that the external temperature exceeds 160°C, it turns off the electric circuit automatically and so the further overheating is prevented.
  • The thermo-fiber FiberThermics® achieves high speed of heating, 1°C per 1 second.
  • The textile and clothing products made of thermo-fiber FiberThermics® are elastic, flexile, and easy to fold and even they are washable in the washing-machines.
  • The thermo-fiber FiberThermics® is practically imperceptible; you can feel only the calming heat.
  • The blankets and sheets containing the thermo-fiber FiberThermics® have the therapeutic effects; these provide the feeling of release and comfort.
  • FiberThermics® has an excellent structural and technological adaptability and this property ensures its wide application in:
    1. automobil industry
    2. clothing and textile industry
    3. civil engineering
    4. health service
    5. sport
  • The intelligent thread properties contribute to the decreasing of the power costs; the product is maintenance-free and it provides many other benefits that enabled to rank this patented technology among the hi-tech products in the United States of America.