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The heated car seat fabric ThermoSoft is characterized by:

  • unique technology of heating by polymeric thermo-fiber FiberThermics®
  • simple installation
  • electronic control of heating
  • automatic switch off after 30 minutes of operation
  • quick heating of seats
  • maximum comfort and thermal amenity


The heated seats always used to be a privilege only in the top-level cars. Today we can offer to you the heated seat fabric fitted with the new generation heating technology – thermo-fiber FiberThermics®.

During the cold days, even in keen frost, your seat fabric will radiate sweet warmth in few minutes.

The front part of heated seat fabric is made of high-quality material resistant to abrasion. The material of the rear part prevents from slipping the fabric down the seat.

Inside the car fabric there are sewn-in strips containing the thermo-fiber FiberThermics®, which is practically imperceptible and these strips provide for the balanced and sweet warmth throughout the whole car fabric surface.

The installation of heated fabric onto the car seat is quick and simple. A reliable fixation is ensured by practical holds in the upper, the middle and the bottom part of fabric.

The connection cable is located in the middle rear part of car fabric into the car lighter, so the heated seat fabric can be used also on the adjacent seat. The connection of both heated seat fabrics at the same time provides the adapter plug, which can be additionally ordered as the accessory.

The electronic heat regulation:

  • After the electronic heat regulator is plugged into the car lighter, the red LED illuminates indicating the initial maximum heating for a period of ten minutes.
  • After this period it is automatically switched over into the mode of comfort heat holding, which is signalled by green LED.
  • After another twenty minutes the heating is automatically disconnected.
  • The heat regulator is fitted with touch controller, which enables to change the individual heating modes anytime.

Dimensions: 45 x 100 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg
Service: from - 40º to 10º C
Power supply: 12V
Warranty period: 24 months